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Life in gravity

this is about trust

24 June 1982
a bit about me, hmm?
i would call myself a writer - i certainly do write. i sing, i dance, i make a fool of myself and others in public. i wear black a lot, and colors too.
i am a student of life, and sometimes a student of academia as well.
my pet projects and interests are always changing - i pursue something intensely until something else catches my eye. i am both single-minded and easily distracted.

i approve of punctuation. i can fight alliteration wars.

i believe

I am also binaryborealis.
absurdity, affection, androgyny, art, balloons, bdsm, berkeley, berkeley poetry underground, bondage, books, boys, bunnies, bunnies!, bunnies!!, butterflies, c, cabrillo, candy, celestial chorus, celtic, changeling, cheese, collars, computers, crimethinc, cuddling, dancing, digital art, eating toads, etymology, euthanatos, fae, faeries, fairyland, fairys, fantasy, fantasyland, fire, food, friends, gaskells, girls, glowsticks, go go go, gorillaz, grammar, graphics, graphomancy, gratuitous punctuation, guerilla art, guild wars, hedonism, iconography, icons, inanity, incomplete sentences, insanity, interactive digital art, introspection, java, jazz, jellybeaaannnzzz, jewelry, kenya, kenya!, kenya!!, kettle chips, knots, larps, love, lucimancy, mage, making my own icons, mp3s, music, natural selection, not eating toads, obscure magical styles, obscure neurological disorders, obscurity, other people, paradigma, people, photography, photoshop, pictures, pleasure, poetry, poets, poi spinning, polyamory, pooka, pop, porn, promiscuity, puzzle pirates, raves, repetition, ribbon, rick bockner, roleplaying, running in circles, santa cruz, setting things on fire, sex, sexuality, snarg.net, social engineering, sons of ether, spelling, splashdown, staff spinning, storm the front, submission, sugar, sunny days, symbolism, symbology, synchromancy, tea, techno, thank god it's you!, the beatles, the church of boom, the other layer, they're everywhere!, thrift stores, touch & go, trance, trans-arabic, treasurehunt.mine.nu, trinary, trust, truth, underground poetry, unknown armies, unseelie, velvet, virtual adepts, what?, writing, your mom